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Actons Opticians - Worcester
Eye Care

At Actons Opticians in Worcester there is so much more to an eye examination than finding a prescription for glasses or contact lenses.

The sight test is also a detailed assessment of eye health, which can reveal previously undetected conditions.  More Information on the Eye

At the end of your examination, we will discuss your needs and concerns, before making our recommendations.

Digital Photography

Each eye examination at Actons is unique, and tailored to suit each individual's needs, we have a wide range of tests which enable us to examine small children as well as those with learning and language difficulties.

We provide NHS sight tests and vouchers for those who are eligible, please contact us for further details.

We have a specially adapted digital camera which takes photographs of the back of the eye.

The photographs clearly show the retina, the optic nerve and surrounding blood vessels allowing the early detection of eye diseases and conditions that may need monitoring. The photographs are stored on a computer and can be compared for changes from one visit to the next . Below is a photo of the back of an eye.

Sight Test Chart
Fundus Photo (Back of Eye)

If you suffer from dry eye syndrome or blepharitis we can help you at Actons Opticians in Worcester. We stock specialist products and all our staff have received specialist training in the treatment and management of blepharitis and dry eye.

 More Information on our Blepharitis & Dry Eye Clinc


Dry Eye & Blepharitis