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Seeing clearly does not necessarily mean the eyes are healthy or that the eyes are working together as a team. Regular checkups can detect abnormalities, hopefully before a problem arises.

Everyone should also have an eye examination if they notice a change in vision, eyestrain, blur, flashes of light, a sudden onset of floaters (little dots), distortion of objects, double vision, redness, pain or discharge.

A recent study found that opticians are frequently the first health care providers to detect signs of chronic systemic conditions.


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Why Regular Eye Examinations?

Many eye diseases, such as glaucoma and diabetic retinopathy, have no symptoms in their early stages. Diabetes can cause small blood vessel leaks or bleeding in the eye, as well as swelling of the macula, which can lead to vision loss. It is estimated that one-third of  people who have diabetes do not know it.




Anatomy Of The Eye